Our colorful curly and kinky wigs were created with natural haired cosplayers in mind! Have you ever had to search the dustiest confines of the web just to find a "I guess this'll do" wig with a SUPER pale cap, hardly any parting space (if any) and just flat and lifeless? Yeah, us too!

That's why Candy Coated Curls exists today. These wigs aren't mass manufactured and bought wholesale from Aliexpress. You can't find these exact wigs anywhere else.

Our wigs are custom made in small batches to meet very unique specifications. The unique colors were handpicked based on potential cosplays! Our caps are brown, our parting space is sizeable and each wig comes with ready made baby hairs for easy blending.

Peep the brown cap

Wigs can also be straightened! Our hair is made from a heat resistant fiber and can take heat up to 320 degrees. So after wearing your curls into the ground you can always straighten the wig and increase it's versatility!

Lastly: we have super suh-weet packaging! Wigs come in a tasty custom branded box that you can reuse for wig storage: 

Do our prices get you down? No worries! Our shipping is always free and we hand out discounts and deals like the candy man! In fact here's a $20 off coupon just for taking the time to get to know us: heysweetie

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